Hey, I’m Ryan. I’m from Perth, Australia, but I’ve lived in Nice, France and currently live in London, UK. Following the somewhat international theme, I’m an avid explorer, having spent 4 months travelling in 2012, 3 months in 2013 and when ever I can since. In my travels I’ve visited over 30 countries, most multiple times or numerous cities.

I came up with the idea for this blog based on a love/hate relationship.
Firstly – I love travelling and sharing my travels to help others better plan theirs.
Secondly – I hate waffle (the loads of words kind, who doesn’t love the food kind?!).

My idea is writing about my travels in a way that keeps things short and sweet. Giving you the brief low down and also my top 3 things to see or do.

So here goes, hope you enjoy it!

PS. I am always open to suggestions on places to visit, so if you have any, please get in touch!

I am also the CEO and Co-Founder of tourthatcity, a London based start up connecting Tour Operators and Clients via an online marketplace. For more information on this venture check us out at www.tourthatcity.com.